Created by Eduardo Makaroff, argentinian, one of the fundators of the trio Gotan Project, Mañana is an enthusiastic supporter of the future of tango and other argentinian musics.

Tango has traveled a long way, from a past of extraordinary richness. Its future, however, is even more promising. The great potential of this cross-breeding music, is just starting to develop. Dozens, even hundreds of creators, inside Argentina and elsewhere, are revolutionising this kind of music.
On the banks of the river Plate, African blood mixed with Spanish, even more Italian and Jewish bloods: quite by chance, these shores of promise produced an exceptional concentration of talent. Out of the sharp minds and ardent hearts of the immigrants came tango, milonga, candombe and murga. These melodies and rhythms have survived the ups and downs of History to be more relevant today than ever before.
The passionate drive of the emergent composers and performers demands outlets for its expression.
Mañana is the response to this artistic demand.

Text by Sergio Makaroff

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