Di Giusto

Portrait of Di Giusto

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Di Giusto is a classically-trained pianist. He loves the songs and beat of his native land and has a complete mastery of the language of the jazz. He improvises, researches, reflects….
Di Giusto is ambitious. He is very ambitious. He listens, learns, dreams of inventing a new music, a great music reflecting the world. Di Giusto the Argentinian, is ready to create. His heart and head are aligning like predestined planets. He has taken his time. He knew the moment would arrive. And that then the sounds would spring forth from his head like folks of migrating birds. Each bird, a note aware of the pathways through the sky. Di Giusto has prepared himself to bring forth this magic. He is an intelligent composer, but he also a Shaman intoxicated with the elixir of a secret liana. Di Giusto closes his eyes and hears the mestizo drums of South America. He opens them and calls up a chamber piece: a quintet for strings and piano. He and his musicians live and work in Paris. The music, finally, is given to the people. Di Giusto’s dream comes true.
“La cambiada” is a big music for an ever-shrinking world. Piazzolla and Bartok are greeting him from on high. It could not have existed earlier, not arrived any later.

Text by Sergio Makaroff

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